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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Properties, Mortgages and Burials

Its amazing what you can find on the Internet once you start asking the right questions and looking in the right places for the answers. My sleuthing about my clan and their assets takes a different slant now as I ask about their places of residence and workplace. I was intrigued with the legacies left by my tailoring ancestors and I wanted to find out more about how they came to live where they lived; so I googled my grandfather Walter Frederick's name and came up with some very interesting data from the National Archives and the


Walter Frederick Allery

Whilst residing at 53 Chatham Road, Kingston he acquired and mortgaged his business property of 23, 25 and 27 Washington Road, Kingston - this was in 1906 - to The Reliance Permanent Building Society. I imagine that business was not brisk and that cash flow was an issue for him, so mortgaging the substantial property in Washington Road, was the answer at the time. On the other hand perhaps Tailoring had picked up in the early 20th century and Walter was expanding the business. This property was in a prime position in the business district of Kingston-on-Thames and no doubt afforded him the convenience of passing trade.

I believe that the years between 1906 and 1914 were marred by ill health for Walter and that he began to 'take care of his affairs' in 1914 - just six months before his death. He sold the Washington Road properties to his step brother, Frank Joseph Andrew Allery who was then living at 196 Commercial Road, Peckham, the home of their father, Samuel John. Frank was then only aged 26 and not yet married - so once again I imagine that he began to 'look after the business'.

I want to find out what my Grandfather Walter Frederick Allery died of, so I will need to send for a copy of his death certificate. I do know where he is buried, thanks to the Burial Registers available online at:

One day I would like to visit this grave site or ask someone to visit on my behalf and take a digital photo of any headstone that remains there for Walter Frederick. He is buried in Grave 2188 in Section N, Richmond Cemetery.

My grand Uncle Frank married Isabel Constance Bresenzer on 9 Jan 1921 at Camden Church in Camberwell and moved to 21 Brayards Road, Peckham. I imagine that his father Samuel John and mother Jemima Mary Ann would have been at the wedding - oh what I would give for some photos of that.

As yet I have no records of his children as there are no census records available online yet for 1921 or 1931. I will have to rely on my online connections now to fill out his family data. I do know, however, that on 17 March 1925 grand Uncle Frank mortgaged the Washington Road properties once again to The Reliance Permanent Building Society - obviously this firm has done well out of this property over the years. It was subsequently sold on 29 June 1926.

Uncle Frank died in 1976 so I'm curious now to investigate further and see if he left any estate in a will made at the time. Perhaps I can also find out where he is buried and who his children were. The hunt continues....

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